Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi presenting the Young Alumni Award to Dr. Udaya Kumar


Mumbai, March 10, 2011: Institutions are not born but made. Fifty two years ago on this day the Foundation stone of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay was laid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Its institutional edifice however is as much a product of its founding architects as it is of the imagination and diligent toil of the successive generations that followed.

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay celebrated its Foundation Day, the 52nd  anniversary of its inception, on Wednesday, 10th March 2011, by honouring the signal contributions of its teachers as well as erstwhile students, who as alumni have left their  indelible imprint on their chosen fields of profession. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Chairman, Dandi Memorial Committee.

In a function organised at the Victor Menezes Convention Centre in IIT Bombay, four Distinguished Alumnus Awards; one S.C. Bhattacharya Award for Excellence in Research in Pure Sciences, 2010; one H. H. Mathur Award for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences, 2010; and one Lifetime Achievement Award were conferred to commemorate the occasion. From this year onwards, IIT Bombay has introduced a new award called the Young Alum Achiever Award and conferred it upon five deserving candidates.

Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2011

Instituted originally during the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the institute in 1983, the Distinguished Alumnus Award is the highest honour the institute bestows on its alumni.  This year IIT Bombay honours four of its own leaders in academia, social sector and entreneurship. It is a true reflection of the diversity of fields in which IIT Bombay alumni continue to work and leave their mark.


Mr. Girish Sohani (B.Tech., Mechanical Engg.), President and Managing Trustee, BAIF Research Development Foundation, was conferred the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to rural and community development.  At BAIF, Mr. Sohani was responsible for strategic planning, coordination and backup support to farmer-managed community irrigation schemes, project planning and execution of development projects for generation of rural livelihoods, monitoring of research projects in renewable energy technologies, etc.


Dr. Jayant Sathye (B.Tech., Mechanical Engg.), Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, received the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to research in the areas of climate change and renewable energy.  Dr. Sathaye was a contributing author in the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  He was among those who served as lead authors on various IPCC reports which confirmed the connection between human activities and global warming.


Dr. Pratim Biswas (B.Tech., Mechanical Engg.), Department Chair and Professor, Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Washington University, USA, was conferred the award in recognition of his  outstanding contributions to research in the field of aerosol science and engineering.  He has won several Teaching and research awards, including the Kenneth Whitby Award for outstanding contributions, given by the American Association for Aerosol Research in 1991, and the Neil Wandmacher Teaching Award of the College of Engineering in 1994. He was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Science-St. Louis in 2003.

Dr. Roop Jyoti (B.Tech., Chemical Engg.), Vice-Chairman, Jyoti Group of Business, Nepal, receivced the award in recognition of his outstanding achievements as entrepreneur and contributions to public service.  Dr. Jyoti has been awarded several medals for his achievements in different fields such as Prasidhha Prabal Gorkhas Dakshin Bahu (II) in 2005 by His Majesty King Gyanendra; Mahindra Vidyas Bhushan "K" in 1999 by His Majesty King Birendra; Kasa Tadhan Guthi Medal in 1971 by Kasan Tadhan Guthi; and Mahindra Vidya Bhushan in 1971 by His Majesty King Birendra.



Young Alum Achiever Award, 2011

A newly Instituted award to recognise an alumnus/na from the institute who has achieved extraordinary success and accomplishments in their respective fields at a very young age,  this year's award goes to five young achievers in the field of design, innovation, finance and academic research.


Mr. Udaya Kumar (M.Des., Industrial Design Centre), Assistant Professsor, IIT Guwahati, was conferred the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to research on the subject of typography.  Mr. Kumar is the designer of the Indian rupee sign.  Mr. Kumar has won numerous prestigious awards.  Among them are Designer of the Indian Currency Symbol; Young Indian Leader by the CNN-IBN; Communicator of the Year by the Association of Business Communications of India; Young Achiever Award by the St. John's International Residential School, and Lifetime Achiever Award by the Lion's Club International. 

Mr. Pranav Mistry
(M.Des., Industrial Design Centre), Rsesearch Assistant and Ph.D. Student at MIT Media Lab., USA, received the award in recognition of his invention of SixthSense and his outstanding contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.  Mr. Mistry has won several awards which include "Young Indian Innovator 2009" award by Digit magazine, "Invention of the year 2009" award by Popular Science, and many more.


Dr. Surya K. Mallapragada (M.Tech., Chemical Engg.), Department Chair and Stanley Chair in Interdisciplinaary Engineering Iowa State University, USA, was conferred the award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to research in the field of interdisciplinary engineering.  Dr. Mallapragada has published widely in well-known journals and won many honours and awards including the Distinguished Service Award, Food - Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division, AIChE, 2009; and Mid-Career Excellence in Research Award - ISU Foundation, 2007.


Dr. Subhash Kot (B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering), Associate Professosr, Computer Science Department, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, USA, received the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to research in the area of computational complexity.  Dr. Subhash Khot is a two-time International Olympiad Silver Medalist.  He stood first in the IIT-JEE 1995.  He has received the Alan T. Waterman Award, the most prestigious award by the National Science Foundation, for 2010.  The honour includes a grant of $500,000 over the years for scientific research. 


Dr. Viral Acharya (B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering), Professor of Finance, New York University, USA, was confered the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to research in the field of banking and finance.  Professor Acharya's research interests are in the regulation of banks and financial institutions, corporate finance, credit risk and valuation of corporate debt, and asset pricing with a focus on the effects of liquidity risk.  He has published articles in several reputed journals.  Professor Acharya has received numerous awards and recognition for his research.



Faculty Awards:

This year's S. C. Bhattacharya Award of Excellence in Research in Pure Sciences 2010 was presented to  Prof. Goutam Kumar Lahiri, Department of Chemistry, in recognition of his outstanding research contributions in the area of experimental and theoretical manifestations of valence and spin interactions in metal complexes.


The H. H. Mathur Award for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences, 2010 was  presented to Prof. Krithi Ramamritham, Department Computer Science and Engineering, in recognition of his outstanding research contributions in the area of distributed real-time and data intensive systems.

IIT Bombay, this year also presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Dipan Kumar Ghosh who has spent a distinguished career spanning more than 35 years at the institute. Apart from his duties as a teacher, Prof. Ghosh has been Head of Computer Centre, Dean of Resource Mobilisation, Deputy Director and has headed several committees. He has been a key thinker on a number of critical issues and has made invaluable contributions to the continued growth and well-bieng of the institute.