Information Display Policy

Campus users interested in altering / putting specific items of information on display under various categories on the IIT Bombay home page or on pages under control of webmaster may note the following:

  1. All mails requesting such changes need be addressed to: webmaster[at]

  2. All such requests may be sent using an 'iitb' mail account. No requests from personal accounts would be processed.

  3. Students making such requests may route them through concerned faculty or by copying the mail to the faculty.

  4. An information item requested for display on the home page need be of the nature of a "News" or "Event" of reasonable import. However, the final discretion for accepting such a request would be with the webmaster.

  5. All communication relating to display on the home page need to provide a concise title (not exceeding 30 characters) of the item and also indicate the time period of the display, after which it may be removed.

  6. In case a file has to be hosted as part of the information item, users may use html or pdf formats only.

  7. For posting information relating to R&D, awards, honours, achievements etc, the user (s) need to send an authoritative text along with suitable photographs (if available). Only texts authored (or dictated) by IITB faculty / student (or a concerned administrative office) would be accepted. The text may be composed in a very brief "abstract" form for a general readership. Substitute reports on the same topic prepared by external agencies (or links owned by such agencies) will not be accepted for direct hosting on the institute main page / site. This is for ensuring authenticity, and for avoidance of possible (even if, inadvertent) oversights / errors / misrepresentation in reportage by such agencies.

  8. External users may note that the webmaster may be contacted only for situations pertaining to any malfunction of the links on the IIT Bombay website. The webmaster does not process mails pertaining to institute administration matters.