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Mailing Address: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai 400076, Maharashtra, India
Main Line: (+91) 022-25722545
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Institute Functionaries




Professor  Devang V. Khakhar

Email Id: director[at]

Director's Office:
Email id:[at]

Phone+91-22-25767002 Fax +91-22-25723546 


Deputy Director

Professor  Subhasis Chaudhuri
Deputy Director (Academic and Infrastructural Affairs)

Email Id: dd.aia[at]


Deputy Director(AIA)'s Office:

Email id:[at]

Phone+91-22-25767011 Fax +91-22-25764060 


Professor H. S. Pandalai
Deputy Director (Finance and External Affairs)

Email Id: dd.fea[at]


Deputy Director(FEA)'s Office:

Email id:[at]

Phone+91-22-25767091 Fax +91-22-25723475  



Dr. R. Premkumar

Email Id: registrar[at]


Office of the Registrar:

Email Id: registrar[at]

Phone+91-22-25767021 Fax+91-22-25723645


Dean Administrative Affairs  

Professor Y. M. Desai

Email Id: dean.aa[at]


Office of Dean of Administravtive Affairs:

Email Id:[at]



Dean Academic Programmes

Associate Dean (Academic Programmes)

Professor Narayan Rangaraj

Email Id:

Professor P. C. Pandey

Email Id:
Office of Dean Academic Programmes

Email Id:[at]

Phone+91-22-25767049 Fax+91-22-25767040 


Dean International Relations  

Professor Rajiv O. Dusane
Email Id:[at]

Office of Dean International Relations

Email Id:[at]


Phone+91-22-25767076 Fax+91-22-25723475


Dean Faculty Affairs   Professor J. K. Verma
Email Id.:dean.fa[at]
Office of Dean Faculty Affairs 
Email Id.:[at]

Phone+91-22-25767009 Fax+91-22-25723546 


Dean Infrastructure Planning & Support


Associate Dean Infrastructure Planning & Support I


Associate Dean Infrastructure Planning & Support II, Chairman, Accommodation Allotment Committee (I&II)


  Professor N. Venkataramani
Email Id.: dean.ips[at]

Professor B.V.S. Vishwanadham
Email Id.:adean1.ips[at]
Professor K. Chatterjee
Email Id.: adean2.ips[at]

Office of Dean Infrastructure Planning & Support

Phone+91-22-25767089 Fax+91-22-25764080


Dean Research and Development

Associate Dean Research & Development

  Professor Prasanna M. Mujumdar
Email Id.: dean.rnd[at]
Professor Krishna P. Kaliappan
Email Id.: adean.rnd[at]
Office of Dean Research & Development
Email Id.:

Phone+91-22-25767039 Fax+91-22-25723702 


Dean Alumni & Corporate Relations   Professor Ravi Sinha
Email Id.:dean.acr[at]
Office of Dean Alumni & Corporate Relations
Email Id.:

Phone+91-22-25767099 Fax+91-22-25723475


Dean Student Affairs

Associate Dean Student Affairs

  Professor U.A. Yajnik
Email Id.:[at]
Professor Anindya Dutta
Email Id.:[at]
Office of Dean of Student Affairs
Email Id.:[at]

Phone+91-22-25767079 Fax+91-22-25764040 


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