A nation cannot aspire to become a developed one without having an entrepreneurial environment. It requires a continuous supply of innovative, creative, and enterprising people. In fact, everyone has potentiality to excel but only some are able to do while many not and this leads to many socio-economic problems such as poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create an environment of entrepreneurship (a process of transforming passion/ideas into business reality), self-employment, and enterprise creation providing solution to unemployment and blocking sustainable economic growth.

Assumption that individuals from few nations/communities/castes only could turn out to be the entrepreneurs is challenged today and it is possible to inculcate entrepreneurial competencies on anyone. Time has come to realize by all the need of creating and developing an entrepreneurial organization, where business starts with ideas of people incubated to define products/services matching market realities through effective implementation. Developing professional entrepreneurial management is possible through an enterprising attitude, where family, society, social institutions, governance, and leadership could play a responsive role enabling individuals as well as the small/medium enterprises, which are a very vital segment of economy, to gear up their business operations professionally for rebuilding nations.

The proposed 3 days seminar is expected to get participation of the national and international management Gurus, faculty and research scholars of management and behavioral sciences, managers, consultants, trainers, counselors, administrators, and executives to share their research-findings, thoughts, and experiences.

Seminar would provide an opportunity to see the development of academic work in this field and help identifying management strategies to effectively inculcate entrepreneurial competencies, including self-confidence, goal setting, planning, information seeking, problem solving, and risk taking among all entrepreneurs (prospective and real).

It propose to address the following broad areas/themes/topics:

  1. Conceptual and Theoretical Aspects of Entrepreneurship: Ownership, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and Technopreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Institutional Entrepreneurship, Survivalist Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Transnational Entrepreneurship, Learning Entrepreneurship, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Religious Entrepreneurship, and Self Employment.
  2. Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Mind) in Emerging Economies.
  3. Entrepreneurship Environment and Support System (Entrepreneurial Opportunities and E-business Incubation).
  4. Small Business Management (Starting/Growing Small Business).
  5. Family Managed/Family Controlled Business and New Enterprise Creation.
  6. Socio-behavioral, Cognitive, and Cultural Analysis of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship (Motivation, Creativity, and Innovation).
  7. Entrepreneurial Organization and Entrepreneurial Management/Leadership.
  8. Towards Developing Entrepreneurship and Building Entrepreneurial Society.

  Dates & Deadlines
 Date of Seminar March 16-18, 2006
 Last Date of Submission of Papers October 16, 2005
 Last Date of Communication of Acceptance November 20, 2005
 Day 1 March 16, 2006
 Day 2 March 17, 2006
 Day 3 March 18, 2006

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