Office of Continuing Education Programme (CEP), IIT Bombay



a) The courses scheduled for the regular M.Tech. programme of any Department/Centre and that are envisaged to be attractive for working professionals would be conducted mostly during evening hours, so that the working professionals from industries can take benefit of such courses along with the regular M.Tech. Students.

b) The evaluation, examination and grading, will be common to the regular M.Tech. students as well as for participants from the industries.

c) On successful completion of each such course, the participants will receive a "Course Completion Certificate", along with the grade obtained by them for the course.

d) The Senate of IIT Bombay has approved the award of M.Tech. Degree to those who complete prescribed credit and courses within specified period of time. The norms for this are given on the backside.

e) Those candidates who may not be interested in the degree / diploma / certificate can still take the benefit of the evening programmes, in the course(s) of their interest, for the purpose of enriching their professional background.

f) Courses may not be opened out under this programme, if adequate number of participants are not registered. Hence, availability of adequate courses within the time limitprescribed would have to be checked before taking up M.Tech degree programme.


Any person desirous of taking the benefit of this facility, can register for the course(s) of his interest, after ascertaining from the concerned Course Instructor/Head of the Department, the adequacy and the suitability of his background to go through the course(s). However, if the candidate is further interested in accumulating the academic credits obtained from the course(s) to be counted towards award of M.Tech., then it is necessary that he/she should satisfy all norms including the admission requirement, prescribed by the Senate. An excerpt of these is given below.


1. A consolidated list of PG Level courses to be offered to working professionals by different departments/ interdisciplinary programmes is available at CEP webpage under "Current Course Calendar".

2. Candidates can collect application form, details regarding course contents etc., from CEP office, IInd floor, Main Building, IIT Bombay, from 15th December and 5th July respectively for the two semesters.

3. After deciding on the course(s) of interest, the candidate can meet the concerned course instructor(s) to get more details of the course contents, methods of instruction / evaluation / grading etc., as well as regarding the background required to get the benefit of these courses.

4. Before registration, candidates have to obtain the consent of the concerned course instructor(s) and HoD in the columns provided for it, in the column provided for it, in the application form.

5. The registration for the course(s) can be done at the CEP office between 10.30 am to 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm on any working day before the academic session begins. At the time of registration, the candidate should also pay the course fees of Rs. 11,236/- (Rs. Eleven thousand two hundred thirty six only) per course, payable by way of Demand Draft in favour of "Registrar, IIT Bombay, (CEP Account)". (Please note that fees cannot be refunded once the registration is done).

The courses are of one-semester duration during January - April and July - November, respectively. Each course is generally of 3 contact hours per week. Classes will be conducted at Powai Campus as per the time-table to be finalized during evening hours between 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm. No accommodation will be provided in the campus for candidates registered for such Part-time courses. These courses are non-residential in nature and the candidates have to make their own arrangements for their stay and travel to attend the classes. However, library and concerned laboratory facilities will be open for the use of the candidates during all working hours.

Any other details regarding this programme can be obtained from CEP office:

Professor-In-Charge (CE & QIP),
Office of Continuing Education and Quality Improvement Programmes
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076.
Phone : 2576 7060, 2572 6199 (D)
Fax : 091-22-2572 3480
Email :

Norms for M.Tech.


1. The candidate should apply for admission to the M.Tech. programme in the concerned discipline as per the prevailing Institute norms at the time of admission of regular candidates. The candidate should satisfy the admission requirements applicable to M.Tech. programme under sponsored category.

2. The candidate should satisfy the admission requirements applicable to M.Tech. programme under sponsored category.

3. The credit requirements for the M.Tech. programme will be as per the prevailing Institute Norms.

4. The DPGC/ IDPC/ PGC will recommend the place of work and duration for the project, which may be between 1 to 2 years.

5. The project should be presented in stages on par with part-time M.Tech. students.

6. Candidates should apply to the concerned DPGC/ IDPC/ PGC through CEP for conversion to M.Tech.after completing at least 40 credits. The minimum CPI should be 6.5 at the time of application.

7. DPGC/ IDPC/ PGC will examine the application and see that the courses completed by the candidate in CEP are equivalent to courses recommended for regular M.Tech. students.

8. DPGC/ IDPC will also recommend a time limit for completion of programme.