Centre for Research in Nanotechnology & Science (CRNTS)
Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay

Important information for Ph.D Candidates called for interview/written test :
    There will be a written test of 30 minutes duration. The test will be based on Advanced 12th Std. level and will have four sections Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. The candidates called for interview/ written test will have to attempt any two sections. The questions will be multiple choice questions with negative marking for wrong answers.

Suggested Syllabi, text books and possible courses to help in CRNTS Comprehensives / Qualifiers (Sep 2014)
Statistics Question Paper for CRNTS (Sep 2014)
Qualifiers Exam Maths Question Paper (Dec 13)    Statistics Question Paper (Dec 13)

IMNANO 2015 (In-house symposium of CRNTS on 21/03/2015 at LCH-102, IIT Bombay)


       IIT Bombay is one of the leading institutions in the country for research in the area of Nanotechnology. IIT Bombay has recently consolidated its Nanotechnology research activities through the formation of a Centre for Research in Nanotechnology & Science (CRNTS). The formation of this centre has been made possible through a generous grant from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India
       At IIT Bombay, over 45 faculty members from 9 different departments/schools are working together in the broad areas of Nanotechnology, with support from various government agencies are private industries. This research has resulted in over 400 high quality publications in the last 5 years in international journals and conference proceedings and a large number of patents. Some of the research activities at IIT Bombay in the Nanotechnology area are on par with some of the best institutions in the world. Because of its efforts, IIT Bombay has recently received substantial funding from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt of India for the formation of a Centre for Research in Nanotechnology & Science (CRNTS) on the IIT Bombay campus. Additionally, IIT Bombay has also been selected as one of the two institutions in the country for setting up a 'Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics' by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT), Govt of India. Significant progress has already been made in the establishment of these centres, and the facilities created at these national centres are available to all the researchers in the country. IIT Bombay has already in place MoUs for a research collaboration with most of the leading national and international research organizations in the area of Nanotechnology.

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