Facilities available for carrying out the proposed R&D work in the applicant's and collaborator's institution:

Class 1000 Clean Room (class 100 work areas) with facilities for complete IC manufacturing (Optical &
     Electron Beam lithography, Reactive-Ion-Etch, Deposition, Sputter, RTP, Furnace facilities)
MEMS/Nanoelectronics fabrication facility
Raman Spectroscopy
Dynamic light scattering system with Zeta particle meter
Nanoparticle spray dryer with electro spray coating
Scanning mobility particle sizer
Dip Pen lithography
Cell Sorter/FACS
Tissue Culture room
Dektak profilometer
Sample preparation for soft materials
Multi-photon confocal microscope
Excimer laser
Micromap, Micro PIV
Small angle X-ray scattering
Probe stations, Low-noise measurements
SEM; photoluminescence
VLSI design workstations
VLSI design tools
Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys, Tanner, Xilinx, plus many public domain tools
Simulation workstations
Simulation software
Medici, TSuprem, ISE-TCAD, SMC (Monte Carlo)
Gaitonde Integrated Systems Laboratory
Intel Microelectronics Lab
TCS VLSI Design Lab
      IIT Bombay is also setting up a Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics, as part of a Govt. of India initiative. More details about this centre facilities are available at http://www.cen.iitb.ac.in. These facilities will be available for the Nanotehnology project investigators and other faculty members at IIT Bombay.

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