Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, INDIA
PC Rate Contract Prices Effective May 2014 - August 2014

What is New !

  1. PC Ratecontract for the Year 2014-2015 is awarded to the following 7 vendors.
    • M/s Benchmark Computer Solutions
    • M/s Intech Computers.
    • M/s Fusion Softwares & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    • M/s Maxmann Computer Industries.
    • M/s Micropoint Computers Ltd
    • M/s Techlink Infoware Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Best IT World).
    • M/s Unicomp InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd
  2. PC Ratecontract Vendor Contacts
  3. Prices are inclusive of all taxes for all items. See below for information on discounts.
  4. Delivery of Laptops can take 3-4 Weeks duration.
  5. E-mail: PC Ratecontract Committee (ratecontract[AT]
  6. CALL BILLING has been made a part of the item list; see item 55.1.0


  1. Please check compatibility of components with operating systems (eg. Linux).

  2. In your indent, please give code numbers, specifications and amount. It is recommended that for purchases of consumables below the limit of Rs 5000, please pay using cash on delivery mode."

  3. For any item in the rate contract list which had been ordered but is no longer available, an equivalent substitute may be accepted, provided the vendor produces a letter from the manufacturer/ bulk dealer indicating the equivalence. In you are not sure about the substitute being equal to the original item, please ask the vendor to obtain approval from the Rate Contract Committee. If an item (eg. 750 GB hard disk) fails in the warranty period and an exact replacement is not available, the vendor must provide the next higher compatible item (eg. 1 TB Hard disk) free of any additional cost.

  4. Warranty of the items are as mentioned against each item in the list of items of PC Rate Contract.

  5. Discounts for orders between Rs. 1.5 and 5 Lakhs are at the bottom of the rate contract sheet. PC RC Vendors are strictly instructed not to entertain requests for any discounts on the RC Prices in this range. Details for larger value orders are shown later in this page.